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These terms govern the services provided by GT Research to Customer and Customer’s payment and other obligations set forth herein.

All focus group services provided by GT Research include the following:

  1. Providing a virtual panel of 5-6 focus group participants with demographics as close as possible to the demographics of the jurisdiction or county of Customer’s trial on a date and time agreed to by the Parties;
  2. Securing Confidentiality Agreements from each panel participant kept on file by GT Research for any future use;
  3. Use of Zoom® video platform; and
  4. Video recording the focus group with a copy to the Customer upon request.

GT Research agrees to provide Customer the following focus group services on an agreed date and time:

Time Period

  1. Full-day panel -- 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST, with 30-minute lunch break and 15-minute breaks, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon.
  2. Half-day panel – with one 15-minute break:
    1. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. CST;or
    2. Noon to 4 p.m. CST

By Booking a focus group with us, you agree to the following additional terms and conditions:

A. PAYMENT: The Customer agrees to pay GT Research based on the services provided prior to or upon completion of the focus group, or per the Cancellation policy set forth below.

B. CUSTOMER AND MATTER INFORMATION: The Customer agrees to complete the GT Research Services Request Form to allow GT Research to check for conflicts with past or currently scheduled focus groups involving the same matter as Customers.

C. CANCELLATION AND REFUND: Once the focus group is scheduled, the Customer agrees to pay the fees set forth below if the focus group session is cancelled for any reason as follows:

  • Cancellation after session date is set but before 5 business days prior to session: Administrative Fee of $150;
  • Cancellation within 5 business days of session: Administrative Fee above plus $300 to partially pay participants.

Cancellations due to unexpected circumstances that cause the focus group session to not start, end prematurely, or that otherwise substantially affects the process of obtaining information and data will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Unexpected circumstances include, but are not limited to, participant no-shows, technical issues, GT Research moderator illness, and other unforeseen or unanticipated events.

D. HOLD-HARMLESS, INDEMNIFICATION, AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION: The Customer understands and agrees that the information obtained through the focus group process is only an indicator of how a real jury may view the issues in Customer’s matter and that focus group results are not 100% reliable. The Customer understands that GT Research does not guarantee the results of the focus group session or that the panel participants will be honest about their demographics, opinions, or that they will fully honor the term of the Confidentiality Agreements, including the prohibition of a participant improperly contacting an opposing party or counsel and advising them of information or the outcome of the session.In full understanding of the above risks, the Customer agrees to hold GT Research and any moderator provided by GT Research harmless as to any post-session adverse events or the outcome at the trial of Customer’s matter. Further, Customer agrees to pay the costs of litigation and indemnify GT Research for the costs of litigation and any judgement against it for any legal action asserted by any person or entity involved in or related to the Customer’s matter. Any disagreements between the parties as to services provided, refunds, and/or indemnification that cannot be resolved between the parties informally shall be resolved first by mediation and, if unsuccessful, then by arbitration per Oklahoma law, with each party splitting the fees and costs of mediation/arbitration but bearing their own attorney fees and expenses.

E. PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY: The Customer understands and agrees that GT Research has expended considerable time and money in developing a database of focus group participants to provide services to Customer and others. In that process, focus group participants recruited by GT Research have provided their contact and demographic information with the understanding it remain private with GT Research. For those and other reasons, the Customer agrees to not disclose or provide the name or contact information of panel participants to any other person or entity for any reason. Further, the Customer agrees to not personally contact (or have another person contact at Customer’s request) any panel participant after the conclusion of the focus group session for any reason including, but not limited to, a request or to solicit the participant to participate in another focus group on the same or different matter.

F. PROFESSIONALISM AND COURTESY: If the Customer moderates the focus group, the Customer agrees to do so with professionalism and courtesy toward all participants.If, after a warning by the Customer, a participant fails to abide by the conduct rules of the session and substantially disrupts the session such that the Customer is unable to meaningfully obtain information and data from the remaining panel of participants, the Customer has a right to dismiss the participant from the panel and continue with the remaining panel.